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Please read and understand our store’s exchange and return policy before placing an order with us.

All genuine natural crystals are gifts from our Mother Earth, and as such are bound to vary in size, shape, color, as well as inner-crystallized banding and patterns. Where you may notice some scratches and cracks on the surface of or within the crystal, these marks are naturally occurring, and as with all natural beings in this universe, all crystals are unique and perfect in their own imperfect way. Only purchase from us if you can accept the natural imperfection of genuine crystal jewellery. 


As all designs are customized to your needs (from the healing properties of every piece of crystal jewellery to the size of your wrist), we at Carristian guarantee that all our jewellery are conceptualized and designed with your best interests in mind, and hand-crafted with natural crystals with the highest level of care. All our jewellery are carefully inspected before being loving packaged and sent to you. 


Given that every piece of jewellery is designed with your specific needs in mind, Carristian does not provide any exchanges or refunds, and will not entertain any cancellations. All deposits paid are strictly non-refundable (but will be accounted for in the eventual price of the bracelet).

Kindly note that we do not accept reservations. Orders which are not paid for within 24 hours will automatically be cancelled.

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