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About Us

Brand Story
With the intention of helping others to improve their soul and overall well-being, started in April 2019 as a humble business on Instagram - @caht.carristian.
The name was inspired by Cairreo's name (initially known as Carristian Ang Hui Ting).
In 2021, it was relaunched as @carristian.
Every piece of accessory is unique and made with love by the lady boss herself to ensure that each of her client gets the best of the best.
photo_2021-07-27 00.14.55.jpeg
About Cairreo Ang

Having an interest in arts & crafts at a young age, Cairreo loves to design and re-create unique pieces for her family and friends. As an individual with the Virgo moon sign, she is also picky when it comes to the quality of the materials used. So you're definitely getting the best of the best.

After being retrenched due to COVID-19, Cairreo dived deep into her passion for crystals and Bazi which brought her to where she is today.

Check us out on Instagram: @carristian

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